Benchmark testing results unlock a 29% conversion rate.

Benchmark Testing Clarifies Roadmap

During testing with the User Research and UX Design Team Vizio aimed to uncover any issues in their site experience and checkout through a benchmark usability study on VIZIO.com. They entered testing upbeat: their site was well designed, their photography sharp, and their copy elegant.

During testing, participants responded positively to VIZIO.com’s new branding, calling out how “Vizio was stepping up their game.” Yet in spite of this sophisticated experience, usability issues emerged:

  • Two incomplete user flows impeded natural browsing.
  • Undiscoverable filters hindered product evaluation.
  • Navigation issues deterred wayfinding: reversed breadcrumbs and iconography issues.
  • Cart & Checkout’s mini cart design, account sign up logic and lack of shipping details hindered users.

Solving Together

To craft executable recommendations, the User Research and UX design team culled competitors for best in class examples, prototyping wireframes that detailed flows and interfaces. This included:

  • Delineating better bridges between the research and shopping paths to allow for non-linear exploration within the customer journey.
  • Vertical, multi-faceted filters that placed size as top priority.
  • Breadcrumb and iconography enhancements.
  • Improvements to Cart & Checkout including a better mini cart, better integrated account creation, and shipping details.

“Thank you so much for ALL your help. We got a lot of benefit from doing the testing and the team was top-notch!” – Lisa J, Director of Digital Marketing

Potential Unlocked

Once integrated, these changes contributed to YOY growth. Vizio celebrated their best cyber weekend in history, with a 29% increase in conversion rate. VIZIO celebrated with us.

UX Insight: In constructing a site’s user flows it is essential to allow for the natural meandering within a typical customer journey. The path to purchase may look like a straight line from faraway, but up close, the real customer journey is far from linear. This and other studies show when a site’s user flows do not allow for natural patterns of exploration, within a focused context of buying, navigation hurdles arise. More…


  • About: VIZIO is the #1 large size LCD TV company and the #1 sound bar brand in America. VIZIO delivers high performance products with the latest innovations at a significant savings passed along to their consumers. Their revenue was 3.1B in 2014.
  • Process: Usability Testing, Wireframing
  • Skills: Research, UX Architecture
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